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Running a business at anything less than optimal efficiency means leaving money on the table – which is unsustainable in an increasingly automated, competitive world.

Optal is a brilliant optimiser. We help our clients gain a competitive edge by focussing on their own payment processes. We see and act. We help you reveal the problem and resolve your payment issues with a can-do culture, creativity and expert advice.

Request, respond and resolve.

Here are just some of the challenges that Optal can help you resolve:

“I want to spend my time focussing on profitability rather than chasing reconciliations.”

Adding value

Optal’s automatic reconciliation tools can process and match multiple rich data sets, and can be customised to your needs. With every payment transaction having its own unique number you’ll never have to manually reconcile payments again.

“I have hidden credit in the business and want to put it to work.”

Unequalled opportunities

Even if you don’t fully use your corporate credit, you’re still paying for that latent capacity on your PCards and more. We help free your cash flow saving you money and extending your buying power.

“Our bottom-line is being squeezed - I want to turn my payments cost centre into profit generator.”

Multiplier effect

We reconfigure and streamline your payment processes to reveal and eliminate hidden inefficiencies. Our preferred status with global card and banking partners lets us minimise transaction costs – and even turn cost centres into profit centres via rewards. Instead of costing money, your business could be earning a reward on every payment transaction.

“Our suppliers and customers are vital to our business and want payment guarantees.”

Reducing risks

Optal’s payment platform helps to solve payment security issues head-on by cutting the cost and complexity of payments through more efficient, secure processes.

“I don’t want to feel exposed by holding payee data.”

You can’t lose data you don’t have. Optal frees you from the risks of holding payee data – allowing you to focus on doing what you do best – doing business.

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